About Us:


About Us:

With the invention and innovations in the area of Internet, WEB MEDIA, digital & Mobile Technologies, in the last decade there has been a dramatic change in the field of Mass Media Communications, especially the way people access and consume News , Views , Advertisements and other contents.With the extensive digital spread and the growing audience interest in new media, a new generation mass media format called WEB PORTAL or WEB CHANNEL, have emerged in the present Global & Local scenario. Moreover, these web and mobile based media platforms have become so popular and handy that they cater to millions of audience, from youth to senior citizens in the present day society without any bias of geography.

                Further, with the large scale growth and popularity of Social Media platforms (Face Book, Whatsapp, Twitter, youtube, instagram etc.) , the new generation news web media sites have expanded their reach, engagement and impact on the mass and the society without limiting their operations to any geographical area, unlike print, radio or television media.

                Therefore,the Department of Information and Public relation in the Govt. of Odisha seeks to augment an intensive information campaign encompassing the broader circle of socio-economic development. The sharing of information with the public and imparting the message of transparency and accountability through the most easier and convenient means have become the cardinal principles of all modern approaches in the 21st century and so the department has been shortlisted the media and implemented a Special guidelines.

HALCHAL NEWS  is  Multilingual Web Media  (News Portal). It provides all kinds of News, Views, Photo and Vedio. Specifically Problematic, Investigative, Development, Sports,  Life Style, Environment, Crime, Tourism, Historical & Cultural etc. news and vedio as well as Literature and  political analysis are reflected in our web. It also produces different kind of features related to every kind of events. Specifically our Live Video streaming i.e. Vedio News Channel is focusing the Problems of People and rightly informing to the Government. We have Two nos. of Web Site, ‘www.halchalnews.com’ and ‘www.halchalnews.in’ Which are broadcasting News & Views throughout International to District and Village level in Hindi, English, Odia and Koshali Language., We have given priority to the all kinds of writers to adduced their creation through our Portals. We Spreading our publication  throughout the global through our Social Media System i.e. Face Book, Youtube, Twitteer etc. Online System.It is not only News and Features Channel, Halchal News is a organization , which is dedicated but also for the awareness of RTI amongst each section of the society. To make knowledgeable to a person through different kind of news, features, seminars, group discussions is the motto of this organization. It is also involved for the eradication of corruption from the govt. administrations and similar organization through different kind of method. It contains updates of incidents of Odisha and India, major happenings, literatures, stories & leisure reading articles in Koishali, Odia, Hindi & English. Update current events & thorough analysis are displayed on our web sites frequently.

We have also honoured the Eminent persons in different fields and awarded in our Annual Day Since 2016 and encourage them. We hope, You must be co-operated us and       We would be grateful to receive the  likely comment from you.


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